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We do not collect any information about you unless you submit an order or join our Inside Track Savings Club. When you do, we ask you information necessary to process orders. We will not transfer information about you to any third party except when required by law (see below.)

We NEVER rent, sell or otherwise distribute any information about our customers. This includes any personal data or e-mail addresses. We DO NOT support SPAM in any form and any information provided to us is kept strictly confidential.

We are sorry but Oregon Law now requires that we keep on file records of any sale of MSM over 2 pounds to a person other than a physician, pharmacist, veterinarian, retail distributor, wholesaler, manufacturer, warehouseman or common carrier or an agent of any of these persons. Our company policy is to keep a record of every sale. (Our records can be inspected by any law enforecement agency at any time).

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